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01. Our Courses

Courses Design for All Age Group from Basic to Advanced.

02. Qualified Teachers

Our Courses are been Design by the Most Experience Teachers in Music Over 20 to 30 Years.

03. Any Where Any Time

You can Learn Any Where Any Time 24 x 7, with Access to Unlimited Lessons. Lessons Design Step by Step, Line by Line & Note by Note.

04. Effective programs

Our Program is been design from Basic to Advanced. We Cover Almost All Topic Related To Music Lessons Like Finger Drills, Scale, Chords, Chords Inversions, Progression, Arpeggio, Strumming, Songs etc.

05. Tested Course

Our Courses is been Tested by Over 100+ Students and Currently Over 3000+ Students Learning Globally (with in 1 Year)

06. Affordable price

Reasonable FEES @ Just Rs.100/- to Rs.250/- Per Month (Yearly @ Rs.1200/- to Rs.3000/-)

07. Awards and certificates

After Completion of Courses, We Conduct Exams Online and Provide Certificates.

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About School

We’re here to teach you all about Music when you’re running in short of time. Piano Guitar has more than 2000+ videos and are recorded by professionals only. We teach you the most trendiest and technical things. We walk hand-in-hand by our Bollywood hits too.

Excited to know what you’ll learn? Here’s a brief to it my Friends!

Tuning and Setup, Reading Tablature, Strumming Techniques, Proper Picking, Hammer Ons & Pull Offs, Chords & Progressions, Playing Lead & Rhythm, Music Theory, Barre & Power Chords, Scales and Modes, Finger picking, Slides, Bends & Trills, Natural Harmonics, Tapping and Phrasing, Rock, Bluegrass & Jazz , Improvisation & Soloing, Advanced Modes, Chord Shaping.


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