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Video Course Covering All Parts Of Music Lessons Required For The Present Generation Like Finger Exercise / Finger Drills, Famous Songs Scales, Chords, Formation, Formulas, Beats Science, Theory of Rhythm, Theory of Music, Transpose Music Notations Reading & Writing (Indian – Modern – Western), Etc.

Tunes and Songs like Poem, Patriotic Songs, Regional Songs, Bhajans, Film Music, Indian Classical, Western Music.

Mr. Gaurang Mehta

Founder of Royal Trinity School Of Music

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30 Days Guitar Video Course

Course Content:

Introduction to Instrument

Day 1: Introduction Of Keys

Day 2: Body Posture & Scale Fingering

Day 3: Scale C

Day 4: Exercise 1

Day 5: Exercise 2

Day 6: Exercise 3

Day 7: Exercise 4

Day 8: Exercise 5

Day 9: Exercise 6

Day 10: Your 1st Tune

Day 11: 2nd Tune

Day 12: 3rd Tune

Day 13: 4th Tune

Day 14: Song 1 Part 1

Day 15: Song 1 Part 2

Day 16: Song 1 Intro Music

Day 17: Song 2 Part 1A

Day 18: Song 2 Part 1B

Day 19: Song 2 Part 2

Day 20: Song 3

Day 21: Song 4 Part 1A

Day 22: Song 4 Part 2A

Day 23: Song 4 Part 2B

Day 24:  Song 5

Day 25: Scale G

Day 26: Song 6 Part 1A

Day 27: Song 6 Part 1B

Day 28: Song 6 Part 2A

Day 29: Song 6 Part 2B

Day 30: Song 6 Intro Music

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What You will Learn in This Course.

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YouTube will Provide you Number of Videos on the same Topic but the Instructor isn’t Professional, but Our Course is a Complete Designed Syballus Course, plus our Videos are Shot by Two to Three Different Cameras, in One Video You can See Live Performance, Virtual Instruments, Notations Explained Step by Step and Line by Line in Different Speed Tempo, So You can Learn within a Short Span of Time.

Our Music School is One of the most Reputed Schools which is running for 20yrs in Mumbai .we have well Experienced Tutors who have Gained Theoretical and Technical Knowledge. We make use of Convenient Language (Hindi).

Yes, We Conduct Exams for Gold and Platinum Membership, and Not for Silver Membership.

You can go through our Video Tutorials as many times or if you take our Mentorship, You will get Feedback within 24 hrs in Text or Audio format

Yes, This Course is Certified by “Royal Trinity School Of Music”

Yes. Mentor will be Available, Fees will be INR 3,000/- per Year, You can Contact The Mentor Once a Week using Text, Audio, Image, or Video Messages on WhatsApp (No Phone Calls will be Received). Mentor will give you Feedback by Text, Audio, or Video within 24hrs.

Yes. We have students from age 3 to 70 Years, but below 8 Years Students are not used to Online Classes, So Parents have to Support Them. Now We have a few Small Kids and their Parents First Learn and Teach them at Home.