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Mika Singh Biography

Amrik Singh a.k.a Mika Singh was born on June 10, 1977 in Durgapur city in West Bengal. Mika Singh is the youngest of 6 brothers. His elder brother Daler Mehdi is a well-known Bhangra and Bollywood singer. Daler Mehendi is known to popularize Bhangra and Punjabi music to all over the world.

mika singh father

Mika and his brother found the inspiration from his father Shri Ajmer Singh Chandan, Mika cannot stop from thanking his father in his recent Instagram post, where he mentioned that his father was his only inspiration to the music, his fathers a Punjabi classical singer and would always use to Singh in the Gurudwara the holy song in Patna Sahib Gurudwara.

There is where Mika and Daler Mehendi got inspiration and decided to be a singer. Mika Singh has the most versatile voice and has a very energetic voice among all others.


Mika Singh started playing Tabla when he was mere 8 Years old later after 4 years he learned to play harmonium and often used to go to Gurudwara alongside his father and big brother to perform. After two years of learning Tabla and Harmonium he learnt Guitar and started composing his own songs.

His interest in the folk music got developing during his visits to the Gurudwara and also he was very much keen towards the Punjabi music tradition.

Mika Singh entered into Bollywood with his smash hit song “Saawan me Lag Gayi Aag” and got immense fame from there.

He has also sang for the movie of Riteish Deshmukh and multi starrer Apna Sapna Money Money  which was a hit movie at that time and the song was the party songs and were played at various public gathering and other social and religious events. It was basically considered as a party song and after party song. ‘Dil Mein Baji Guitar’ from the movie ‘’Apna Sapna Money Money”.

Mostly songs sung by Mika was played at the end the movie which is called as party anthem of that particular movie. He had also done many other movie songs and in many different languages.

Mika Singh can sing in many different languages as Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Odia, Urdu and Hindi.

Mika Singh Songs List

Telugu Songs

  • Pila Naa Valla Kaadu
  • Pathikella Chinnadi
  • Yahoon Yahoon

Kannada Song

  • Nidde Bandilla
  • Vone Vone
  • A Darling Darling
  • Selfie

Bengali Songs

  • Paglu
  • Paglu 2
  • Hobe Re Hoichoi

Odia Song

  • Aaila re Aaila

Urdu Songs

  • Khul Jaaye Botal
  • Imagine
  • Ishq Brandy
  • Gabru
  • Maahi Kehan De
  • Mast Kalandar
  • Super Girl from China
  • Billo

Movies and Television

Mika Singh has also tried his luck in the movies without any prior acting lessons or studies. He has worked in two Punjabi movies Mitti (2010) & Loot (2011). 

He had been a mentor, a judge as well as a team captain for the team called ‘Mika’s Blasters’ in the reality show called ‘Music Ka Maha Muqabla’, hosted on STAR Plus.

Divine Touch (NGO run by Mika Singh)

Mika Singh founded Divine Touch Foundation with an aim to provide education, healthcare, direction to earn a livelihood for the underprivileged society and empowering women. The objective of the Not-for-Profit Foundation is to wipe out poverty in the nation, by facilitating education along with soft skill development to the deprived people, focusing on children and women. Its objective is to set in pursuit of imparting the power of knowledge and education and to encourage them to employ that in earning their livelihood.

The Not-for-Profit Foundation targets to hold the hands of the people of the low-income community, to facilitate them a better education and to augment their innate potentials to change their lives.

They have a belief that, “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach them how to fish and you feed them for a lifetime” Various Programs Carried out by the organization:-

Livelihood Project

Earning livelihood is the spine of a man and supporting a family is his pride. Under the Livelihood Project of Divine Touch Foundation, we are focused to educate people through training and skill development classes and make them aware of the employment opportunities to increase their earning capacities.

The main aim of this Foundation is to provide education to the underprivileged part of society which cannot afford studies and other expenses.

Healthcare and Women Empowerment.

They are very keen in providing hygiene and free healthcare benefits to the weaker section of the society. So that they can have a better future for their family and their upcoming generations. Works beyond the caste, creed, religious barriers and targets to empower women from all sections of the society to help them earn resources and respect for themselves.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Indian Television Academy Award for Best Singer – 2015.
  • Indian Telly Award Best Judge On a T.V – 2015.
  • Mirchi Music Award Listner’s Choice Album of the Year – 2019.