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Keyboard LIVE Online Course: In This Course, You will Learn from Basics of Keyboard with Finger Drills / Exercise, Scale, Chords, Patterns, Arpeggio, Theory, Songs, etc

This Course Will be Conducted on Zoom LIVE Online. We will be using High Tech Cameras (Sony, Panasonic, Go Pro), Video Mixer (Roland V-40), and Audio Mixer (Yamaha MG 82CX), which will ensure that students who are learning online are able to understand each and every step clearly.

In Live sessions, we teach Step-By-Step, Line-By-Line, and Note-By-Note with detail Fingering so students can understand and memorize easily.

Students will also get Video Lessons on our Website for their practice with detailed explanation so that they can learn at any time from anywhere efficiently at their own pace.

90% of students are satisfied and comfortable with our Zoom Live Online Class.

2 July 2020
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