Shabbir Kumar

Shabbir Shaikh a.k.a Shabbir Kumar was born in Baroda on October 26, 1954 his father was an officer in the Revenue Department. He never had any interest or any liking for music just like his father he also wanted to follow their steps and opt for a white caller Government job.
He used to live in such a place where there were no electricity, he lived in such place up until he was in 7th grade.
Unlike most of the singers, Shabbir did not have interest in music and singing since childhood in fact he was very attentive to studies and painting. His mother often used to sing the ‘’Naath Qalaam’’ for the kids.
It is because of his mother’s melodious voice that drew Shabbir Kumar’s attention and interest to music.

Public Singing.

During night times people who lived around his house used to gather around him to hear him sing.
He had become really famous during those days that people used to demand movie songs from him and they insisted him to sing movie songs which were realized.
He used to like people’s attention would often make him feel wanted and he had sung songs like ‘’Zara Samne to aa Chaliye’’
He used to receive ‘Mango Papad’ as a reward for his songs which he still cherish. While singing these songs little did he know that in a near future he is going to rub shoulders along with these music geniuses.

First experience with Microphones

Shabbir always used to hum Rafi Sahab’s music whenever he used to go on a night out with his friends. One fine day when he was out for his usual night out he and his friends came across a 48hrs relay event where there was a stage set and the host was asking people from the audience to sing.
This is for the first time he got a chance to hold a microphone and sing for the public he was really feeling nervous as it was his first time.
It was for first time ever that he had sung ‘’Kya se kya hogaya, bewafa tere pyaar mein’’ from movie ‘’Guide’’ that was a very special moment for him.

Bollywood break

Shabbir got his break when Legendary India’s first ever female Bollywood music director Usha Khanna heard him singing in a stage show and called him for an audition in her office.
During her audition he sang 2-3 songs of Rafi Sahab because of which she almost broke into tears in his memory.
And she was really impressed with his voice. After a few days of his audition he received a call and she offered him his first playback song alongside stalwarts like Suresh Wadkar, Amit Kumar, Hem Lata and Usha Khanna herself. Which was a group song for the film “Tajurba“,”hum ek nahi, hum do nahi..hum hai poore paanch
In the starting it was quite difficult for him to record because this was quite difficult than stage singing because of the detailing which is required in the playback recording.
But when the movie was released and this song came out it was already a sensation and a starting point of his stardom.

Solo Movie Song

Shabbir kumar’s first solo movie was in the film ‘’Sardar’’ 1981
Song name- “Ek Akela man ka panchi tuti aas liye”

After release of this song Shabbir Kumar had found his place in the Bollywood industry forever.

Shabbir – Pyaarelal

Even after making a name in Bollywood Shabbir Kumar used to continue his stage shows in Baroda. One fine one fine day he got a call from Laxmikant Pyarelal , this was a shocking phone call since put him in a completely different league of singers.
This was a very surprising call for him since he gave only one audition since until then.
They asked him to sing again and this time it was along with background with 160 piece orchestra in Mehmood studio and a chorus of 25 singers. The Song that was given to him was “Mubarak ho tum sabko haj ka mahina” from Coolie.
Later team of Coolie heard him singing on 70MM screen on the profile of Mr. Bachchan and they found the voice suits him perfectly. The prompted Manmohan Desai and Laxmikant Pyarelal to officially declare Shabbir to playback singing for all the songs of the movie Coolie.

Music directors Shabbir Kumar has worked with


Shankar Jaikishen

Usha Khanna

Lakxmikant – Pyarelal

Kalyanji – Anandji

25 October 2020
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