In this article, we will learn How to Hold a Guitar. Knowing how to hold the guitar will give you good posture and help you to avoid suffering from injuries and fatigue. If you hold the guitar the right way then you may be able to play comfortably, quickly with the right technique in a few days.

Let’s check out how to hold your guitar instrument to improve your guitar holding and playing.

Step-by-step: How to hold the guitar by beginners

We’ll learn how to hold a guitar from a right-hander’s perspective. If you are a left-hander, do the opposite. Here are the steps for you to hold the guitar:

Step 1: Set your Guitar on your Right Leg


The first thing you may know is that if you are a beginner to hold the guitar you may first practice the guitar in a seated position. After that, you sit in the chair and put your guitar on the right leg. I recommend you sit the acoustic or electric guitar on your right leg. The guitar on your left leg is more like a classical approach. It does not benefit beginners.

Step 2: Use your right arm to stabilize the guitar

Notwithstanding, you should have your arm resting on top of it If you are playing an acoustic guitar. However, your arm will come slightly over the top of it, If you hold an electric guitar. allow it to rest on the front of the instrument. 

The body of the guitar–the part with the strings and the sound-hole–should be on the side of your Right hand, which is the hand you play them. The neck, which is the long skinny fretted part of the guitar, should be on your left hand.

Step 3: Make sure your fretting hand isn’t holding up the guitar

Not proper holding guitar

Correctly held, the neck of the guitar should be held at a 45-degree angle, not equal with the bed, lying flat on your leg. Though this is sometimes called “ classical style,” it’s the stylish and most comfortable way to learn, regardless of what style you plan on developing in your playing. 

Some guitar instructors will not emphasize holding the guitar in this manner. Once you get comfortable, you can hold the guitar regardless. 

For the beginner, though, it’s much easier to access the freeboard this way. If your guitar teacher teaches you to play with the neck of the guitar parallel with the ground, try it out the other way.

Step 4: Secure the body using your elbow and forearm of the right hand


Using the elbow and forearm of the right hand keep your guitar tight to your body. The fretboard and the string of the guitar should be perfectly lined up with the floor. Under the soundhole, secure the guitar tight into your body with your right forearm and elbow, keep your wrist on the bridge of the guitar. Deleted:

Always remember you’re not holding the guitar tightly, practice strumming, your hand will fall comfortably. The less you hold the guitar, the easier it is for you to play.

Step 5:  Balance the neck between your thumb and forefinger

Holding the guitar with thumb and forefinger to balance between for neck

Always remember you shouldn’t have to use your fretting hand to hold the guitar.  The guitar will properly hold with the right side not from the left side if you are right-handed. Make a “V” shape with your thumb and forefinger of the fretting hand, and use that hand to balance your guitar.

Some Guitar teachers will put a small piece of tape behind the third fret, on the neck of the guitar for the indication of where you should place your thumb. If you’re a beginner then your fretting thumb should always remain on the back of the neck and other fingers over the fretboard. Always remember do not to wrap your thumb around.


Step 6: Always keep your back straight 

The most important part of holding a guitar was to maintain the back straight and keep your guitar perpendicular to the ground. If you lose the back and practice fast, train but it will be poor technique and not help in future. If you hold the guitar properly, keep your back straight. 

Step 7: Practice Daily on posture

If you pratice daily on posture it will help you to play to learn guitar. Practice Man Perfect Is best line ever becasue if you pratice daily one day you will be perfect on that part and you hold the guitar properly and play that more times in the days. Because When you hold proeprly then no pain in your back.


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