Major Scale Guitar Vol 1


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In The Major Scale Guitar Vol 1, We will Learn Formation & Formulas, How to Form Major Scale on Guitar,

We Will Teach You, How to Play All Major Scale on Guitar in Slow Tempo with Fingering.

Then After We Will Teach You, How to Play  All Major Scale on Guitar on High Tempo.




The Major Scale is the cornerstone of all western harmony, when we describe other scales it is usually in terms of The main Scale, and the naming conventions for chords and all forms are harmony come from the major scale.


The major scale have to be one of the first scales you study on guitar, as it’s one of the most typically referenced in music (specifically western song).

As you will soon discover, it is no longer just a scale for the purposes of soloing, however a system for establishing other critical musical elements. we will come to that!

First, we want to recognize how the major scale is constructed. we’ll then flow on to its primary feature – how we can use it to harmonize with (play over) chords, so we are able to use it hopefully in a solo. Take some time with these things as it’s useful to have a clear expertise of this simple scale.


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