Fundamental Of Music – Guitar Level 1




Fundamental Of Music – Guitar Level 1 For Beginner

We’re here to teach you all about Music when you’re running in short of time. MusicSchool has more than 2000+ videos and are recorded y professionals only.
We teach you the trendiest and technical things. We walk hand-in-hand y our Bollywood hits too.

All Lessons are Designed & Tested over 1000+ Students and the techniques which we will teach is a proven method on learning Music fast & in the easiest way.

We have explained all the lessons “step y step” “Line y Line” & “Note y Note” with multiple Cameras in This Courses.

Guitar Level 1 Course Content ( 55 Video Tutorials)

  • Guitar Parts Name
  • How to hold guitar
  • Finger Numbers for Guitar
  • Scale C (Part y Part)
  • How play scale C on Guitar
  • 12 Exercises
  • 7 Basics Songs
  • 8 Popular Bollywood Songs
  • 1 bhakti Songs
  • 1 Patriotic Songs

Course Design By

Mr. Sanjeev GR Mehta

Founder – Royal Trinity School Of Music


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