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In Gold Membership for Guitar, We Cover Basics to Mid Intermediate Level Lessons for Guitar, After Completion of this Course, You can Able to Play Guitar Easly within a Short Spane Of Time with Correct Fingering.

You, Will, Learn the Following Content in Gold Membership for Guitar:

  1. Basics of Guitar
  2. Guitar Parts Name.
  3. How to Hold a Guitar.
  4. Finger Number for Guitar.
  5. How to Play “SCALE C” with Correct Fingering.
  6. 12 Finger Drills/Exercise.
  7.  7 Basics Tune with Correct Fingering.
  8. 50 Popular Bollywood Songs
  9. 50 Popular Bollywood Songs on Chords
  10. 12 Major Scale with Correct Fingering Vol.1
  11. 12 Major Scale with Correct Fingering Vol.2
  12. Rhythm Guitar Vol.1. (Chords Progression & Strumming Pattern)
  13. Rhythm Guitar Vol.2. (Chords Progression & Strumming Pattern)
  14. Rhythm Guitar Vol.3. (Chords Progression & Strumming Pattern)
  15. Rhythm Guitar Vol.4. (Chords Progression & Strumming Pattern)
  16. Major Scale Formation & Formula
  17. Minor Scale Formation & Formula
  18. Major & Minor Chords Inversion.
  19. Major Chords Formation & Formula
  20. Minor Chords Formation & Formula
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